Nurturing Your Inner Child

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to avail of this service, which is usually provided as a complimentary service when you’re booking either a wedding or vow renewal ceremony.   It’s a splendid way to acknowledge the inner child in relationships when people are getting married or renewing vows.  It also makes a wonderful engagement or wedding anniversary gift.

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Usually, a complimentary service available to you when you book a ceremony.

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Seeing the Inner Child

Once upon a time I looked at and interacted with my wonderful partner purely as a beautiful, competent and professional woman.

Any time we disagreed, I would listen and react to her in my adult mode, as was developed for the adult world we live in; and aligned with all my defences accrued from my own life's journey.

One day my partner introduced me to the concept of the 'inner child' and the influence our inner child can have on intimate relationships.

Because of that, I started to look at the photographs we had of her as a child and I pictured this vulnerable child hiding within her; putting on a brave adult front to protect and care for herself.

Because of that, I began to stop myself in conversations and consider how best to communicate with her as an adult, whilst at the same time adding fun, joy, calming and caring for that little girl inside of her.

Until finally I developed the idea of putting the two of us together into the same photograph at around the same age so that we could both truly picture and be compassionate for the child within each of us.

Being able to actually visualise this in a real photograph was a highly emotive moment for us both and now we carry this picture everywhere to remind us to have empathy with who we still really are, deep inside.

And now we'd like to make up your own Inner child photograph for you too, to enable you to see each other in an entirely new light - how can you not?

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