Wedding Options?

Wedding Options?

What Type of Marriage Ceremony to have?

Inviting your ‘inner child’ to be part of your wedding ceremony.


You’ve set the date for your wedding and now you’re wondering what type of ceremony you’d like to have on your special day.

The options are endless!

One wedding ceremony that I created some time ago had an unusual aspect to it.  The couple made a conscious effort to include their ‘inner child’ in their wedding ceremony.  And, with their permission, I’m delighted to be able to share some of their story with you now.

The bride and groom’s names have been changed for confidentiality.

The story went something like this…

The morning after David proposed to Aimee, they were both on cloud nine and sharing stories of the past with one another.   It was on this occasion that Aimee first told David about her “God box”.  This little box holds affirmations of Aimee’s hopes and dreams.  She explained to David that it had been her direct way of communicating with God for many years now.

As Aimee was showing the contents of the “God box” to David a tiny little photo popped out.  David was most curious because he’d never seen that particular photo of Aimee before, and so he asked her about the meaning behind the photo, and she explained that there was nothing special about it, other than the fact that it was her favourite photo of herself as a child.  David being a keen photographer asked her to give him the photo and said that he would save a digital copy to preserve it.

Sometime later that day, David sent Aimee a text message on her phone which stated that she should check out her Facebook page – Aimee told me that when she saw what David had done, her eyes welled up with tears.  David had found a photo of himself around the same age that Aimee would have been in the favourite photo of herself, and he combined both of their photos into one.  (During the wedding ceremony the celebrant held up photo for family and friends to see).

The words at the top of the photo, were: “A small boy looked at a star and began to weep.  The star said: ‘Boy why are you weeping?’.  And the boy said, “You are so far away I will never be able to touch you.” And the star answered, “Boy, if I were not already in your heart, you would not be able to see me.

Despite the fact that David grew up on a different continent to Aimee – they still managed to find one another.

David explained to me that he’d put the two photos into one as a gentle reminder to both of them to always nurture and be kind to the child within each of them.   The inner child was brought to life for them by being able to see the two of them together side by side as children.  It was a highly emotive moment for them.  It’s an image that reminds them to have fun, joy, and be calming and caring in their interactions with one another.  They each have a copy of this photo on their desks in work and in their bedroom, to remind them to always be gentle and compassionate towards one another.

Rev Caroline Lennon

Certified Civil Celebrant and Interfaith Minister based in Ireland. As a non-denominational Minister, there are no limitations to the personal ceremony that can be created exactly as you wish.

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